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Why would anyone want to pay to distribute a press release?

by pr-admin

Until recently, the paid newswires – PR Newswire, Business Wire, Marketwire, and others – were the necessary evil of PR.  Want to get into the search engines?  Want to achieve disclosure?  Want to give your client’s content a home on the web?  Then you had to go to one of the paidwires.  But now the internet revolution has caught up with the paidwire industry, and it’s gotta hurt.  Because now you can do it for free instead of paying up to $700 for a national distribution, even without charts and graphics.  Is “free” as good as “paid”?  No.  You give up on broad penetration of search engines and news sites.  You can forget about the fancy analytics that paid services are flogging.  And, to some, a release distributed by a freewire like PRLog lacks the panache of PR Newswire, which claims to be the leader in the segment.  So be it.  But it’s also free.

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