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What’s with this social media thing?

by pr-admin

That’s a question we get often from our business-to-business clients when we bring up the PR benefits of social media. Clients say, who has time for that stuff? Or, who really reads that stuff, anyhow? Good questions. But here’s the reason: You may not “do” social media, but the media does. Evidence of that comes in a recent survey by Arketi Group, a tech PR and digital marketing shop in Atlanta.

Arketi found that almost half of all journalists surveyed say they blog or read blogs regularly. And these are B2B media, not consumer or celebrity journalists. The survey also found that 92 percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account, 85 percent are on Facebook, and 84 percent use Twitter.

Why? Because reporters, editors and broadcast producers need good story ideas. They want authoritative industry sources. And they are always looking for fast, market-focused research tools that keep them on top of market and industry trends.

So were we surprised when a press release we tweeted recently for a B2B client was retweeted by someone we don’t know to a leading Wall Street Journal reporter we do know (who sets the agenda for breaking news in our client’s industry segment)? Nope.

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