But tell me what you really think.

When you come down to it, some people use their blogs to make themselves look like big shots. We don’t. We view our blog as a chance to comment (we hope in a humorous way) about what our clients are talking about. It’s nitty gritty stuff, really. How can we sell better? How can we make people listen? How can we break through the clutter?

Here’s what we’re hearing out there!

<strong><span style=Five Key Public Relations Misconceptions for Small Businesses" />

Five Key Public Relations Misconceptions for Small Businesses

PR is the same thing as advertising. It is a one-off thing and does not have any impact on the growth of my business. We have heard this time and time again and these are just two of many misconceptions […]
<strong><span style=New Year But Same Resolutions Apply for PR Strategists" />

New Year But Same Resolutions Apply for PR Strategists

As we are almost two months into 2016 and we look back at our accomplishments and mistakes in the past year, PR strategists should continue to embrace some key resolutions that are evergreen. Here are five favorites: Take the time […]

Know how to pick the right PR agency?

Know how to pick the right PR agency? Question: When you have a tooth ache do you see a doctor?  Probably not. OK. So would you hire a marketing and branding firm to distribute a press release? Probably not. Getting […]

Let’s say you’re trying to sell something…

Please tell me if you don’t agree with this statement: It’s harder to sell your products and services if no one knows who you are. Any takers? No. I didn’t think so. We were reminded of this reality – one […]
<strong><span style=Please don’t call them industry rags!" />

Please don’t call them industry rags!

Not everyone likes trade publications, I realize that. Some say they spread industry rumors…and that they’re not always accurate…and that no one has time to read them anyhow. I get that. But repeat after me: Your customers do read these […]

Can you get us some stuff that helps us sell?

That was the question a really good client asked us the other day. He is a serial investor who likes to come into new or struggling companies and make them grow (emphasis on the “make”) by doing smart things. He […]