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Do I need to do a ‘Google audit’? (Yes. Today.)

by pr-admin

I was a speaker on an Association for Corporate Growth panel this November that focused on the needs of fast-growth companies when it occurred to me to ask the audience a question that clearly no one had ever asked them before: How many of you have ever done a Google audit of yourself, your company and your products? No hands. None. Not even when I explained the concept.

Why do you need to do a Google audit? Because…

1.  Google captures virtually all public information, both good and bad.
2.  Everyone who wants to know more about you and your company does a Google search, often before going to your website.
3.  And a lot of what they will find is likely to be off strategy, out of date or just plain wrong.

Doubt me? Do a Google search on your own name and see what comes up. Then search your company’s name. Print out the first three pages of the search (because that’s about as far as anyone’s likely to read). And then array out the hits against two measures:

1.  This makes it easier for me to sell. This includes solid, accurate information, including your website, 3rd party content and media coverage.
2.  This makes it more difficult for me to sell. This includes inaccurate or out of date information, including media coverage, as well as stuff from companies or people with names similar to yours.

Some companies, particularly those that invest in content management and SEO, will like what they see.

But others won’t, because Google is like a garden (pardon the visual image): If you don’t take care of it, weeds will grow and take over the garden.

Greg Miller is President of Marketcom PR

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